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Crest Pro Health Toothpaste, Clean Cinnamon

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Micah Scott By Micah Scott on
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Brushing my teeth isn’t something I like or dislike, it is something I do. I get in, do it, and get out. It is one of those things that I do without even really thinking about it, until something disrupts the routine that is. This happened when my brought home some new Crest Pro Health toothpaste, the Clean Cinnamon flavor, and replaced my regular toothpaste with it.

The new toothpaste came in a 4.2 ounce tube and had an oversized flat head so I could store it in the medicine cabinet and save room. That was a good thing. This toothpaste is designed for sensitive teeth and apparently since our dentist gave it to us we must have them. I am always a little leery though about products which have a label that limits the amount of time you should use it. And this one says use no loner than four weeks unless told to by your dentist. It also says it is not intended for children under the age of twelve and that one should avoid swallowing more than the normal amount which occurs during brushing. I don’t know who eats toothpaste but I don’t necessarily like products laying around that my two year old might and which would force me to call the poison hot line. Of course the package states it is dentist recommended and helps fight plaque, gingivitis, and helps whiten teeth. I think this is pretty common unless you are getting your toothpaste from the local pawn shop or something.

The one distinguishing feature of this toothpaste, the one I really didn’t like, was the flavor. As I stated this was the Clean Cinnamon flavor. The best comparison I can give you is that it tasted like Big Red chewing gum. It was a strong taste and lasts well after rinsing. I am not a cinnamon fan so I really didn’t like this at all. If you do like that flavor though this might be the one for you.

Overall I really didn’t see anything different about using this toothpaste. It didn’t leave my teeth or mouth feeling any different than does regular Crest. The one key is the taste and I guess you either are or aren’t a fan of cinnamon.