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Crest Spinbrush Electric Toothbrush For Kids

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Crest Spinbrush Electric Toothbrush for Kids

I purchased the Crest Spin Brush for my son as a way to make brushing more fun and to get him to do it voluntarily with out having to be told to do it every time. I wanted an electric or battery powered one and I thought if he had one of the kids brushes with a character on it he would be more interested in it so I chose the Crest Spinbrush with one of his favorites, Spiderman.

He used it but I can not say that having Spiderman on it made any difference to him. I actually feel having the character on there made it harder for him to use this brush. The brush contains 2 AAA batteries plus the plastic figure and the other decorations that are on it which makes it heavy and hard for little hands to hold. To get the brush to spin the child must push down on the Spiderman head located in the middle of the handle while directing it around their mouth at the same time. The awkward design and effort required to keep the button pushed in resulted in drool drips and splatters of toothpaste around the sink and all over the mirror.

Another problem with the brush is the size of the brush head. According to Crest, the kids Crest Spinbrush has a smaller head for smaller mouths. The head measures in at 3/4 of an inch which is not huge but it's really only a little smaller than my full size brush. The size of the head combined with the bulky heavy handle make it really hard for him to get it to the back of his mouth and properly brush his back teeth. The brush itself has 2 parts. There is the top part which is rounded and is the part that actually moves around and below that there is another part that is stationary. I personally think it would be easier to use if they just had the rounded part on top.

We used the brush in between 2 dental visits and there was no significant change in the quality of his brushing that the dentist noted from using the brush. Since it did not make him want to brush any more we stopped using it and went back to a manual brush which he is much happier with. The one really positive thing I will say about the brush was that the batteries actually lasted as long as the brush did.