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Crest Whitening With Scope Soothes The Mouth

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By buckeyefan32 on
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When I used to buy toothpaste, I just thought it was toothpaste and who wouldn't, I mean it's toothpaste! But when I decided to "treat" myself to anything other than the generic brand and get this whitening, breathfreshing, etc, etc, etc toothpaste I realllllly loved it. From the moment I put it in my mouth to the moment I spit it out, it was downright refreshing. The taste of it is great and if you've ever had Scope Mouthwash you know the taste--it's just like that. Minty, smooth, and fresh. This toothpaste actually whitens my teeth a lot----slowly, but surely. I have been using this product two months and have already noticed a significant increase in whiteness--nothing life-chainging, but my smile attracts other smiles--(by the way I brush my teeth twice a day with this) The one thing i don't like about it isn't toothpaste itself, but the container. The tube is normal sized, but doesn't come fully filled. (I'm not sure if this is just the few that I've bought, or all) Once again, if you don't mind spending the extra money for fresh breath and white teeth, you should buy this product.