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Cricket Ez Cellular Phone

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Emily Lambert By Emily Lambert on
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I was in desperate need of a cellular phone when I first bought my car, in case of emergency (it was a used car). My fiance needed a phone at the same time so when we heard about the new, inexpensive phone designed by Cricket, we jumped at the offer.

Upon receiving the phone, I noticed that it had none of the features that the phones I've previously owned had. There was no voice memo, no games, no access to downloads or the internet, no speakerphone, no bluetooth capability, and no vibrate option. To be blunt, it was horrible.

I've had numerous problems with the phone. On occasion when I answer it, all of a sudden it is extremely loud. Speakerphone loud, despite there not being a speakerphone option. I've nearly blew my eardrum a number of times. Sometimes my text messages take hours to send. There is another thing that bugs me, that's not so serious, but there are contacts listed in your phone (Cricket contacts) that cannot be edited or deleted. The phone was also recalled due to audio problems during 911 calls.

On another note, the phone is small and very durable. I've dropped it a few times with no problems (The problems with the phone aren't due to that. My fiance's phone does the same thing.) and the battery life is exceptional. If I fully charge it for one night, I can usually get it to last up to two days without recharging. The display is pretty good (considering the price). My main issues are the lack of cool features, but who needs that?

All in all, I'd say the phone is perfect for people like me who only need text messaging and the regular phone service. However, it doesn't compare at ALL to the Motorola SLVR 7 that I owned previously (my sister dropped it in a toilet, thanks Ash!).

Sorry Cricket. Stick to selling phones, no making them.