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Cricket Wirless...Is It Worth The Cheap Price?

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Bobbi McKenney By Bobbi McKenney on
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I have had my cell phone thru Cricket Wireless for about 16 months. I decided to go thru them because of the fact that there is no contracts, deposits and unlimited anytime minuets, picture text, text messaging and internet for $65. That sounds pretty great doesn't it. My husband and I dont use a land line so we just use our cell phone for both. I purchased my phone for $200. Then it was the top of the line that they offered. Or so they said! It was an Nokia 6165i. We ended up replacing that phone 3x each time spending an $85 deductable for the insurance we had put on the phone. If it was not for that we would have spent a ton of money and I would have been even more upeset than I was already! After the third time of the phone breaking I was very demanding that they better make it right!! It got me NOWHERE!! They said all they could do is give me $30 off another phone of a different model! I ended up with an Kyocera Lingo. Really cool phone but, it too is breaking already and I have only had it for 3 months! Not to mention the fact that since I have had it I never have been able to send pics on the darn thing. They said that if I paid $85 they will replace it and give me another one! Go figure. Then there is the fact that they have screwed up on my bill numerous times and disconnected my service after I have paid my bill. I have had to make many trips to their Corp. office in Vancovuer and each time I am getting more and more unhappy! We are seriously looking for another wirless company to go with. It simpley just is not worth the headache and being treated with compassion or even just plan manners.

Update On Jun 03, 2008: I finally got not being able to send the picture message problem resolved. Turns out....It was Crikets fault and not something wrong with my phone! Suprise!!! But, now i can send pics with my phone and it workd like a charm. They did try to stick me for an extra $20 bucks on my bill for the ringbacktone subscription and monthly fee in which I have had since I had the phone. I was victorious that time though! They removed the $20 extra and did not arguee to much.