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Cross Fire

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mrbubl3s By mrbubl3s on
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Cross Fire is a fun FPS game that you are either on the side Global Risk or Black List, and you just go and kill each other. What makes this game unique is, you earn XP to advance to the next level (private, sergeant, captain, you get the idea), and you also earn GP to buy guns/grenades/armor. The gameplay is very good, besides the fact that, it uses nprotect, and the game NEEDS to check for updates every time it starts, and if there is an update avaliable it has to download it, which makes it very annoying to play and dial-up. Also, it takes quite a while to load it on a fairly good computer, and when you login sometimes there are errors in the connection or something, so a message pops up saying the connection cannot be established or something on that order, and the game closes (and other things that make the game close like being away from your computer for a little while). But since most people have internet faster than dial-up these don't really apply.

I would recommend this game to anyone, even MMORPG players because it involves XP.