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Cruel Intentions

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This is an awful movie called Cruel Intentions. I am so sorry I wasted my time watching this movie, but all was not lost. I can now vent about it here.

This movie stars Sarah Michelle Geller, Ryan Phillipe, Selma Blair, and Reese Witherspoon. I have never been a fan of Sarah Geller. I feel she is overrated as an actress, but I was willing to give her a chance as the movie title sounded intriguing.

Sarah plays a villain, Kathryn, and a very hateful one at that. I did not find her character memorable, nor was there anything special in the way she played this role. In fact, the way she portrayed her character in Cruel Intentions, was almost identical to how she played another character in a daytime soap, only now she is older. It is possible to create charming, likeable, villains through clever writing and great acting. I did not find any of that in the character of Kathryn.

Next we have Ryan Phillippe, another worthless, unlikeable, character. He plays a rich boy, who is supposedly a real ladie's man. I could not understand what any of the female characters in the movie would have seen in him other than the fact that he was rich and drove a Jaguar. He was not, in my eyes, believable as the movie's irresistible hunk.

Reese Witherspoon was one of two people in this movie worth watching. Still, I have to wonder why she starred in this movie at all.

The only actress I thought was interesting with a great screen presence was Selma Blair. You almost wanted to save her character from her own stupidity and save Selma from this movie.

The characters were not believable. The plot was uninteresting and plain stupid. To me, this movie was also disgusting. You have the relationship between (Phillippe) and his step sister (Geller), providing a huge yuck factor. You also have a girl being taken advantage of, actually she was raped, and Kathryn (Geller) attempts to make the victim (and the movie audience) believe this is ok???

Basically, Geller and Phillippe have a bet going, but one of them falls in love with the person who was supposed to be conquered as part of the bet. Now one of the lovestruck needs to tell the love interest their relationship began as part of a bet, but that it is really love afterall. Sound familiar? Very predictable.

As the movie progresses, some characters start behaving out of character until it appears that no one knew quite what to do with Reese Witherspoon's character at all. I wondered why, in the scene where someone is supposedly going to rob her of her innocense, she does not look so innocent. She was simply too old to play this role, as were Geller and Phillippe.

Finally. when we're apparently supposed to be enjoying the big ending, I did not care what happened to any of the characters.

This movie is a terrible one for young people. It teaches them it is exciting and glamorous to hate and that revenge on other girls is the only way girls should cope with being dumped. To be honest, some movies can get away with setting bad examples like these, providing most of the actors can act and the plot has some sort of depth.

I will continue to admire Reese Witherspoon and enjoy her performances. I find Selma Blair lovely and would look forward to seeing her in other movies. As for Geller and Phillippe, keep the popcorn and please show me the door.