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Cruise Ship Tycoon

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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Ever wanted to own your own cruise ship? Well now you can with the Cruise Ship Tycoon game for Computer.

First you have to buy your cruise ship. It could be anything from a small yacht to a large liner depending on what you want to spend to start off with. You can always buy small and work your way up to bigger as your business grows.

Once you have your ship you have to start buying things to put on your ship (your ship comes empty, no cabins, no nothing). You will defenatly need to add some cabins to your ship so that your guest will have some place to sleep and relax. Don't forget that your guests need bathrooms as well. Add some dinning places and some shopping areas. If you are running out of money by this time you might might to start your voyage.

You also want to make sure that you add employee rooms and hire some employees. You want to keep your ship looking and running in tip top shape for your guests. You may want to also add a medical room for all those seasick passengers.

Once you start you voyage you have to look out for the dangers of the sea and stear your ship around them. You don't want to end up in a Thunderstorm or running agound on some rocks with all those passengers on board. Also you might want to make sure you have boughten enough supplies to last to the next port. You don't want your ship running out of food or your guest might be inclined to not sail with you again.

Once you make it to a new port if some of your passengers depart or you didn't sell all your rooms at the last port, be sure to try and resail them at the new port.

Over all this is a pretty fun game to kill some time with.