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Crush Master Blender

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I had been lusting after one of those popular Margarita blenders, but didn't like the price. Besides, where would I keep one of these monster babies? All my friends have some sort of Smoothie machine or Margarita machine, but I figured such a singular use was a waste of my money.

I trashed my last cheapie blender 10 years ago. This time I wanted looks and performance, in other words this design geek was ready for an upgrade.

My wish list included a price not much over $60 max., plus it had to have a motor with enough oomph to it, to do a great job of crushing ice. I also wanted to be able to do a fine chop of fruits and veggies without getting everything all caught in the bottom of the blender jar. Oh ya, and the blender jar needed to be heavy-duty glass and not too small, but still fit on the first shelf in my fridge.

So I looked around, liked the Kitchen Aid one I saw, but was not willing to shell out the bucks for it. Then one day while shopping at the BX I spotted it. The perfect blender. It is by Black & Decker of all things. Like their drills, but a blender? Well, I remembered my wish list included a good motor, so that was the first thing I looked for. 475 watts of power to be exact, checkmark.

This was right before Christmas and lucky for me it turned out to be the special of the week, total price $49.99 and no tax. Then I noticed the box said "Special Edition". Cool, it came with a separate stainless steel jar just like their more expensive and even cooler looking Pro Models.

The stainless steel keeps in the cold and works well for professional-style frozen drinks, think Margarita, OLE. I also love to make milk shakes and Orange Julius in that little stainless steel jar - it looks cool, mixes well and is frothy on top. Perfect!

The blender body is all black with a clear glass, 5-cup, heavy-duty glass jar, checkmark. I love that it has measurements not just in cups and oz, but also in liters. I am from Europe and used to liters, conversion is always a problem for me.

This blender is the perfect smoothie maker. I make a full jar of whatever concoction I happen to want or have the ingredients for and place the rest in the fridge. The next day I freshen it up with the pulse button - maybe throw in another banana or add in more juice, more ice or fresh berries and voila.

So you see in the end I got exactly what I wanted, a Margarita maker that doesn't hog any space on my kitchen counter, a Smoothie maker extraordinaire and a powerful ice crusher - all at a fantastic price and a stainless steel jar for drinks or milkshakes, to make the deal even sweeter.

This blender has six settings from stir to liquefy. It says 12 speeds because each setting can be set on high or low. There is a separate pulse and on and off button. My favorite is the side button for ice crushing. The all metal blade is 4-plane stainless steel and does a terrific job.

Since it doesn't clump in the bottom I may try making a pesto sauce with basil from my garden, I'll post an update when I do.

My only complaint is that the cord is too short. It came with a standard one year warranty. For cleaning purposes, it actually features a 'fast clean' button - a handy feature. Overall I am completely satisfied with my Black and Decker Crush Master Blender. So, if you happen to be in the market, consider this blender - it is a winner in my book.