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Cub Eacles

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CUBEicals are truly innovative storage. I came across them about two years ago at Walmart, and knew right away that I had to have them for our apartment. They lend themselves so easily to whatever space you have and whatever purpose you need them for.

A single CUBEical is a perfectly square storage unit. The dimentions are 24" X 24" or two feet tall and two feet wide. It has a horizontal and a vertical divider which gives each cube four 12-inch compartments. It comes in a flat box with "some assembly required, " but is simple to put together.

Once a cube is assembled, it can stand alone, or be combined with other cubes to create a unique storage area for your room. We own two cubes and have used them in a few different ways. The first picture is of the two cubes stacked one on top of the other. The second picture is how I currently have them set up: each cube on its own but combined with our bookshelf. Even though the bookshelf is not by Closet Maid, it still workes with the cubes... another reason to love CUBEicals! I don't have a picture, but I have set the cubes up a third way as well. I used the two cubes side-by-side as a make-shift TV stand and used the sections underneith for storing DVDs.

The four compartments are good for storing a number of items. I have used them for photo albums, books, DVDs, and knick-knacks. I think they would also be handy in a child's room for toys. Also, as you may have noticed, you can buy fabric baskets that fit nicely into shelves and use them to store smaller items. These baskets are about $7 each and come in many colours.

The only downside to these cubes is that they are made out of lightweight fiber board and not solid wood, so they are obviously not built to last forever. Still, for the price, I am very happy with them, and if they don't take too much abuse, they should last for several years yet.