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Cubis 2 Cubis 2 Review

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Well, I never played the original Cubis, however after playing this amazing strategy game, I can't wait to try the one that started it all.Cubis 2 is the sequel to a game that is based on cubes and colors and strategy. The object of the game is to find a way to rid the board of all of the colored cubes. There is a target number of cubes that you have to get rid of before the time runs out. You remove cubes by firing cubes on the board to make chains of cubes and when there are three or more like colors, the cubes will clear. Along the way you run into bombs, dual cubes, ghost cubes, and much more. The levels seem to be endless as you race your way to be the highest and fastest score.

The game is a lot like Bejeweled, except it is cubes and not gems. Just like Bejeweled you can receive bonus points by removing special cubes as well as stacking cubes.

There are over three hundred levels and four different types of game modes just in case you get too good at the first one. There is also three levels of difficulty you can play at.

The colors and graphics of this game is amazing, beautifully bright and colorful. There is no way you can mistake the colors. Sound effects help to really keep you going and assist in inspiring you to try again and move to the next level.

There is really no end to this game, if you beat all the levels, you will automatically start over and have 15% less time to finish each level.

This game works on any system that has Windows and as long as you have 40MB free of hard drive space, then you're set to play this addicting and endless game.

Take a drive up to your local Wal-Mart of video game shop, its only $20!