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Cuddly Fur Balls

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angelsfae By angelsfae on
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How many of you have dogs? ok, now how many of you have monster beasts for dogs and when they shed can make another dog with the hair they lose? "oh oh oh, pick me! I DO!" Yes, I have two German Shepherds and 1 beastly hairy Siberian Husky. THANK GOODNESS for my Oreck XL21 Titanium Series Vacuum cleaner. Without it, I would have easily gone through several vacuum cleaners already. I have a two story house and the dogs love nothing more than to run up and down the stairs as fast as they can and spread the hair EVERYWHERE. They also love to play with one another, jumping on top of each other and running all over the place, again, spreading hair EVERYWHERE. There's no escaping the hair in my house, it haunts you in your dreams. But then * dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN* Oreck XL to the rescue! House stays clean long enough to have people over and not have them covered in hair. It's so very light too. I can pick it up with just my pinky finger. Its so easy to vaccuum the stairs and bring it upstairs, absolutely no stress on your back or shoulders.

We also have the pleasure of being able to take the dogs on the boat with us. YAY! lets add stinky wet dog hair to the picture. No problems for the Oreck XL. Not only does it pick up all the hair in the boat but it also has the ability to freshen the carpet with an air tab that is placed inside the vacuum. So, the boat no longer smells like wet dog but of fresh summer with jasmine in the air.

Even if you have no pets, the Oreck XL will do wonders for you. It's light weight, heavy duty and not bulky for easy storage. Its able to reach those "hard to reach places" such as under beds, couches and tables and will last you a very long time, hence the 21 year warranty that comes with it. This is product is worth the money and the investment, not to mention makes cleaning a lot less painless.