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Cuisinart Food Processor

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By chefmom on
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Most cooks I know seem to have a love-hate relationship with food processors. They either can't cook without them or they find them totally useless. I've had the Cuisinart Custom Prep II Food Processor for a couple of years now and find it to be a handy kitchen tool

Cuisinart makes a lot of kitchen products, but are probably most well known for food processors. And there's a reason for that. The Cuisinart is a heavy-duty workhorse that chops, shreds and grates with amazing speed. You can turn whole potatoes into scalloped potatoes in moments. In the South, we love pimineto cheese, and this appliance will produce whatever consistency you want your cheese to be. And although I've never used the dough blade, my husband has used it many times to make pasta dough for his homemade ravioli.

There are quite a few dishes where you don't even have to clean out the food procesor bowl between uses. Chop of your onion, then your garlic, then your celery. I've also learned to make a quick marinara sauce in the food processor. Just pour in a jar of diced tomatoes, some mined garlic and onion and some Italian seasoning. At the quick push of a button you have a simple, but great marinara sauce.

"But food processors are so much trouble to clean." That's what you always hear. Well, here's a tip I learned that will make cleaning your Cuisinart a snap. When you're done, just squirt in some dishwashing liquid and a little water, turn it on for a few moments and presto -- a clean processor!

The Cuisinart has yet to fail me. If you like to cook, this is a product you'll use all the time.