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Cuisinart Sandwich Grill

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By tkddad on
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My mother in law likes to get us different small appliances for Christmas. She got us the Cuisinart Sandwich Grill last year.

I am not over impressed with this sandwich maker. It does not take long to heat up, which is good. I or my wife will gather up the sandwich items and when we are done the grill is warmed up and ready to go.

It is easy to tell when the sandwich is done. The red light means it is cooking and the green means it is done.

I feel the clean up is fairly easy. We just wait for the grill the cool off and wipe it clean.

Now the things I don't like. I feel the sandwich areas are too small for regular store bread. It isn't too big of a deal as we just let the bread hang over a bit, but I wish the company would have made larger plates.

If you over fill your sandwich, it will ooze out. My son likes a lot of gooey cheese on his grilled cheese sandwiches. With this machine you really can't put more then one slice of cheese at a time on your bread other you will have a cheesy mess. My son perfers to have his grilled cheese made on a regular fry pan so we can add as much cheese as we like.

One thing we have made with this machine and has turned out pretty good are omlettes. They turn out like little hand held omlette snacks. My son just likes egg and cheese on an omlettes so when we use this machine we usually make omelettes instead of sandwiches.

I can only give this item a fair recommendation. I personally would not go out and buy one. If I did buy this myself I would have felt like I wasted money, but since we received it as a gift I feel it is OK.