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Cuisinart Waffle Dipper Sticks Maker

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By ncmom on
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My two young sons love to have something new for breakfast before they catch their busses for school each morning and I like to make them a hot breakfast if I can. The only problem is that one son catches his bus at 6:30 and the other at 7:30. How do I give them each a nutritious meal without cooking twice, and at that time of morning I'm barely awake myself.

My problem was solved when I read on a message board that Amazon.Com had a Cuisinart Waffle Dipper Stick Maker on sale for $20.00. It was "remanufactured" but that was okay with me as long as it worked. It even came with a cute little 'dipping station' which is a plastic container that holds 3 rectangular plastic cups to warm syrup, jelly, honey or whatever you want to dip your waffle stick in. Just put in the dips and warm in the microwave for 20 seconds or so.

The Waffle Stick Maker itself is a beautiful stainless steel unit with lights to tell you when it is hot enough to use and bells to tell you when your waffle sticks are done to the brownness/crispness you set it for. The teflon surface assures no sticking and easy clean up. It's easy enough to mix up enough waffle batter to make waffle sticks for the early bus rider and save some aside for the later leaving one. I have purchased various flavors of waffle or pancake mix such as chocolate chip, banana nut, blueberry and apple cinnamon to make an assortment of flavors and keep things interesting and that has gone over very well. Kids love trying new things.

I did find that a little practice was necessary to keep from overfilling and having waffle batter spilling over and making a mess. It gave me a scare one morning when this happened and I could not open the unit because of the cooked excess batter between the top and bottom of the unit. I used a knife to pry it open and we were back in business, though.

I even make waffle sticks and freeze them in a plastic freezer bag to warm later in the toaster and they were nearly as good as fresh. As long as I don't make Waffle Sticks so often that the boys get tired of them and bored, they are happy.