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Culture Warrior By Bill O'reilly

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By halcamdad on
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There truly is a war raging in our society. On one side of the battlefield, we have the traditionalists. Across the meadow are the secular progressives. If you hold traditional family values and ethics in high priority, you'll find this book quite disturbing. The political milieu in our nation is fraught with secular progressive individuals and organizations that are in the process of undermining the principles on which our nation was founded.

Bill goes after the SP movement with vengeance and fury. The ACLU is justifiably demonized. The examples are endless throughout the text. I won't spoil it, you must read to find out how evil the ACLU really is. For some reason we have an organization in our nation, named for our nation and its citizens, that actually is in the process of destroying American values.

O'Reilly tells it like it is. No sugar coating and no BS. He's abrupt and to the point - certainly not worried about being PC. I loved the book.