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Curad Knuckle Bandages Not A Great Choice

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The doctor gave me some of these for a finger wound, but they really don’t stay on, and who wants blue bandaids when you are a grownup?

Almost two weeks ago our kitty cat bit me, and I got a lymph system infection, medicine, all that. (You can read my opinion of Augmentin ). The actual wound is quite large, and right in the crease of the finger joint. The doctor gave me a handful of these Curad Knuckle Bandaids. I don’t like them very much... mainly because they don’t stick.

I’ve used knuckle bandaids before, usually on the outer side of a joint, but the shape would work fine for a wound where mine is. So that is all well and good.

The sterile pad is 3/4 inch by 1 inch- a standard size. The bandaid is made of fabric so it is breathable and flexible. The outer wrapper has a separated end that pulls apart easily, so they come out of the paper without any problem. The shiny backing paper has good sized folded tabs that you can get hold of in order to pull them off without touching the sterile pad.

The problem is that they don’t stay on. The tabs won’t even stick to the other fabric. You can see in the picture that one of the tabs is curling up, and I had just put that bandaid on

Then there is the color! Maybe these were given to doctors as a trial item. Pretty strange. They are definitely adult size, and yet they are that funky blue-green color.

I don’t think that I’ll be buying any of these.

Oh yes, it’s all healing quite nicely now