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Cure Your Packrat Ways With Clutter's Last Stand

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Do you know a packrat? Or worse, is that packrat you? Not to worry, here is a book that has changed lives. It is called Clutter's Last Stand, where purge takes on a whole new meaning.

Let's face it. We all have too much stuff. Our kids have too much stuff. We buy too much and we receive too much. If you are tired of clutter creeping into your life, this is an amazing, wonderful, and funny book.

This dog eared copy of Clutter's Last Stand shown in the photo above, belonged to my mother back in the 1980s. It was passed around throughout her group of friends so many times, she needed to write her name in it to get it back. And now it's mine.

The author of this incredible gem of a book is Don Aslett. He has been a household word in my family for the past 20 years. And that is because of his first declutter book, Clutter's Last Stand.

Don Aslett understands packrats. He "gets" the packrat mentality. He even begins his book with his own confession. And that is why he accepts no excuses for letting clutter invade our lives.

Clutter's Last Stand is an incredibly humorous and not so humorous view of the impact clutter has on our lives. Whether it is the vast collection of margarine tubs you inheirited from your dad, out of style and illfitting clothes cluttering your closets, worn out sports magazines from the amazing year so and so won the so and so award, enough kiddie toys to fill a day care center, or even friends who cause us conflict and junk up our lives... whatever the ailment, Don Aslett has a cure.

With fun chapters such as The Genealogy of Junk, Clutter A La Carte (for the clutter you carry on your body in the form of excess weight), Taming The Paper Tiger, and more, this fun book is so inspiring, you'll want to get started on a junk-a-thon as soon as you put it down.

This book will not only explain how your house got cluttered up, but Don tells you how to declutter. I have picked up so many helpful hints and tips.

One of Don Aslett's mottos is "When in doubt, throw it out, " and while this is not easy to do, I can probably count on one hand the things I got rid of, in years past, and then regretted it, just a little.

This book holds so many funny memories for me as my mother attempted to dejunk her life. Once the book got around to me, though, mom was no longer able to go garage sailing, and then dump her newly found treasures at my house. Don Aslett took care of that. Thanks, Don!

I don't consider myself a packrat, but I continue to benefit greatly from the ideas and logic in Clutter's Last Stand. It teaches me to be on top of clutter before it gets me down, such as tackling the mail before it becomes a pile of mail. And getting rid of something when you buy something new. This is also a book you can read over and over, whenever the need to dejunk your life arises.

I have even purchased copies of this book for friends in need. One time it backfired, though, and, unable for my friend to purge her own collectible junk without guilt, she started mailing it to me! So you have to watch that.

This book comes with my highest recommendation! And if you become hooked on attempting to use Don Aslett's methods of curing your cluttering ways, check out his other equally wonderful titles!

Thank you, Mr Aslett, from the bottom of my heart!