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Cypres Mountain Guided Snowshoe Tours.

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By sutler on
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I just went snowshoeing for the first time today at Cypress Bowl (commonly just called Cypress). I wasn't sure what exactly I was expecting, but it was something along the lines of wearing tennis rackets and walking around in 8 foot deep snow for an hour or two - I was only partially right.

Upon reaching the mountains (where the ski and snowshoe locations are), we, which includes myself and two others, proceeded to the ticket booth where we paid for our pre ordered tickets. After that we went and got our snowshoes from the building about 30 feet away from it. We had arrived about twenty minutes early, so we went to wait in the cafe until it was time for our tour. After a quick hot chocolate we went over to the small awning where our group was meeting. There was a woman there who kindly helped us figure out how to put on our snowshoes, which were MUCH more modern looking than I had expected - they didn't look anything like tennis rackets, though I suppose that it was for the best.

After waiting about ten more minutes, which were primarily spent getting used to walking in the snowshoes (which was surprisingly easy, by the way). Our guide, Ken, arrived, and immediately his humorous personality and overall 'niceness' had us in a great mood. There were five others in our tour, all of whom were nice enough and by the end of it were chatting freely with us.

Throughout the excursion, Ken provided us with commentary on everything from how the piles of snow are made to what kind of trees surrounded us. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, and the snow only added to the magnificence. It was packed down most of the way, though we went off the trails a few times, and I was lucky enough to be the trailblazer (whoo hoo). There were a few hills, though nothing that any of us couldn't handle. I suspect that even children as young as 10 could handle the hike.

After almost an hour and a half we stopped at the 'Hollyburn Lodge', where we had some hot chocolate and cookies (both of which were surprisingly good). On our way back, once we were out of the forest, we had a nice view of the sunset for about a minute or two of walking. There were night tours as well, starting at 7PM, though I suggest taking an earlier one.

The trip from Vancouver was well worth it, and I'll likely be doing it again in a month or so. I also suggest that you tip whoever your guide is, assuming they do a good job, as I believe that they're paid little for all the work that they do - some even volunteer! All in all, I can't recommend this enough. The price is good for what you get, and the scenery is absolutely picturesque.