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Daan Bantayan

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After our shift everyone headed to the north bus terminal and boarded on a bus travelling to Kawit, Medellin.

We had our stop over lunch at Liloan we bought three pork barbecue and two hanging rice for each member while the others opted on eating a “real lunch”. The price? a total of 450.00 pesos.

Afterwards we travelled all the way for four hours. When we reached the would be resort we are supposed to stay, there is something wrong, the price will not fit our budget since the owner is asking for additional 50 pesos for each person as entrance fee aside from the 1500 pesos room accommodation. Perhaps the owner thought that we have nowhere to go since we came all the way from the city. What a way to extort money from local tourists.

Good thing, the person we contacted suggested another place, a rest house owned by a priest. The place is called Bay View Beach Resort. The rest house has all the ammenities; a refrigator, a stove, aircondition room, an extra fan room, wide comfort room and a cottage where we can just hang around. We can also enjoy the "Duyan", or native swings in a bermuda grass laden grounds of this resort.

To get to this resort we have to ride a pedicab as it is further away from Kawit, Medellin. The resort is located in Paypay, Daan Bantayan.

We can't believe we only paid 1600 pesos for all of this, this is a very good investment compared to the first resort we went to. The best thing is we have the place all by ourselves, we do not have to share it with anyone and we even have helpers who prepared our food and run errands for us like buying necessary stuff in the market.

Everyone found a place to rest, listen to music or sleep, the travel is very exhausting and the scorching heat of the sun is making everyone weak.

By nightfall, the food is served and everyone is starving, so we ate the food we brought from the city as well as the foods we bought from the market. Our "helpers" helped us cook some fish we both from passing fishermen.

After dinner, a bunfire was prepared using the dried leaves of coconuts trees that scattered in the street since there is a place were we can do this so it is not a problem.

I have utilized this moment for discussions as well as open forum since we were not able to do so in the morning.

The next morning, we rented two fishing boats for a tour around the island called Bitngil, such a very enchanting island we were told by the local folks.

I have decided that instead of doing the games we'll have this activity instead. But during our sailing the waves are very big, we are afraid the small boats will sink, I am more afraid with the other boat because a lot of my members who does not know how to swim decided to ride it. So I have decided that we should just drop by in Bitngil since I did saw a sandy part amidst the rocky island. The fishermen agreed to make a stop over instead of rounding the island and boy oh boy, it was never a mistake to do a stop over. The water is as clear as glass you can see the stones beneath the ocean floor. And the sand, oh so powdery white, to think that place has not yet been developed for tourism purposes. And did I mention the waves? The waves are marvelous, we actually forgot how hot it is to get there that we stayed a very long time we forgot we did not have lunch.

Side Note:

If however you seek some scary stuff, there is a cemetery a long the way so you can stop by there but make sure to pay homage to the dead. What is eerie about this cemetery was that you will see the bones and skulls just laying around the ground unburied, you will really feel the chill and to top it off there are flying bugs that look like army of darkness it really adds to the ambience of the place, it is one of the scariest adventure I had. No, I did not see any ghost but the place itself really makes your spine tingle.