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Dagoba Oranic Chocolate How Good Is It?

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"Dagoba" means "temple of the gods, " according to the wrappers on these 2 ounce bars of chocolate, and "Theobroma, " the root of the word theobromine, an alkaloid found in chocolate, means "food of the gods." I wouldn't argue with anyone about chocolate being a food worthy of the angels, and I'm quite sure it's one of the major food groups, but I'm less sure that the Dagoba bar is at the top of the chocolate heap.

I purchased two Dagoba Organic Chocolate bars at the local health food store: dark chocolate with raspberry and rosehips (Roseberry), which should provide everything a woman needs, and dark chocolate with lavender and blueberries (Lavender). Each 2 ounce bar cost a hefty $2.99, not exactly Hershey's territory, so I expected quality. It is organic dark chocolate, with a cacao content of 59%, higher than any milk chocolate and most non-specialty chocolate, and it has a rich deep chocolate flavor. It did seem a little dry, and not as smooth as some other dark chocolates I've tried. It is a semi-sweet chocolate, sweetened with evaporated (sugar) cane juice, also organic.

The other flavors, though, how are they? I love the Roseberry; I love raspberry, and it have a wonderful raspberry hint that I knew was natural even without the label. The rosehip taste isn't as strong, which I think is a good thing, but knowing it's there makes eating this chocolate seem almost virtuous. I didn't think the Lavender was as good. I love lavender as a fragrance, in my bath or scenting my pillows; I'm not as fond of it as a flavor. It's just too flowery.

Overall, if you want organic and you like dark chocolate, and don't mind paying $2 an ounce for it, this is probably a good way to go. I can't give it a 5 though, because organic or not, I feel the price is too high, and while chocolate and fruit combine wonderfully, chocolate and flowers just don't work for me.