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Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch

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This DVD contains Part 1of Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch (Part 2 is also available as a separate disk) - a hilarious British TV show where Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) takes her audience and the viewers on a live tour of an unsuspecting participant's home. The idea is brilliant and brutal. What woman would want to have her house inspected when she does not expect visitors?? Probably none. Yet Dame Edna, equipped with today's technology and a cameraman, does just that.

The participants (or should I say victims?) are led to believe that they will be attending a game show where they are to recognize famous buildings/houses. Suddenly, one of them is shocked to recognize the house shown on the big screen as her own... Which is just the beginning. She then learns that Trevor the cameraman is at her house door, and sees him ring the bell. The home, it turns out, has already been invaded by Madge, Edna's one-of-a-kind housemaid, who takes the cameraman through the rooms, pointing out whatever embarrassing things she can find - all that followed by Edna's biting commentary.

Since every episode follows this same scenario, the show gets a bit repetitive, and some of the jokes are repeated as well. Still, it does not reduce the fun. Edna is simply excellent; I often catch myself forgetting that it is actually a male comedian playing her, she is that convincing. Her remarks are hilarious, and the participant's shock and horror at seeing their homes turned inside out is unforgettable. (By the way, if you feel sorry for them, don't: they get nicely compensated in the end. Edna gives each one a trip for two to Paris, fully paid for and with cash to spend).