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Dan Gibson's Solitudes

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You might wonder why I have this review in the Alternative Medicine section, but as I see it, anything that is an "alternative" means for self-healing whether physically or mentally can be classified alternative to "classic" Western forms of healing, and I would include the peaceful uplifting sounds created by Dan Gibson and his Solitudes collection of peaceful and tranquil music often set with nature sounds.

Years and years ago, when 33 rpm records were still popular, I had collected quite a collection of records that were nothing but nature sounds, such as the ocean, a gentle rain, bird sounds and so forth. I found them wonderfully peaceful to listen to, especially since, at the time I was suffering from an extreme anxiety disorder, and rather than rely on medications, I found listening to the gentle ocean waves or a gentle rainstorm every bit as therapeutic in calming my frazzled nerves. I was able to transform the records into the cassette tape format, which allowed me to listen to them just before going to sleep.

I no longer suffer from severe anxiety problems, thank goodness, but nonetheless, my life is still a bit frazzled, as most people's are, with the day to day stresses life can give: taking care of family needs, handling finances, meeting deadlines and so forth. Yes, daily life's needs can still make one completely stressed out and tensed-filled. Years and years ago also, I used to do a rather disciplined yoga exercise routine, but now my life is so busy, I just don't have that time to do my routine anymore, yet I still recognize the need to take a "time out" for myself, as everyone does. The more busy one's schedule is, the more one needs to find even just a few minutes to rejuvenate oneself, and only recently I found a means to do so via Dan Gibson's Solitudes videos which one can find via good old YouTube.

I found these Dan Gibson's Solitudes videos quite by accident. I belong to a discussion forum, and I was looking up the profile of a member there, and on her profile page were six of Dan Gibson's Solitudes videos, and now I'm hooked on them myself, and subscribe to all the videos via my YouTube account.

The titles of just some of the Dan Gibson's Solitudes videos are "Wishing", "Realms of Peace-Meditation", "Winged Realm", "A Path Of Solitude", "The Swan", just to name a few. None are "action" videos, meaning that each Solitudes video is a mere still picture, but usually an image of peace and tranquility. Each Solitudes video has either peaceful, soft piano, flute or electronic music combined with the wonderful sounds of nature sounds, such as birds chirping, a waterfall, a rainfall, ocean waves, and so forth and each last under seven minutes.

Since each of these "videos" last under seven minutes, is that too much time to take out of one's hectic schedule and reward yourself with this wonderful "alternative" means of a healing medicine? To my mind, music has always been a great source of healing, especially music of a more soothing nature, such as classical, New Age or even jazz. I do an awful lot of work on my computer...from writing articles, reviews, scanning my photos from the film format to digitize them, to writing a novel, and believe it or not, I do this everyday. No wonder I sometimes get burnt out! Seven minutes here and there out of my "scedule" isn't much to ask in order to be kinder to myself and recharge those mental batteries of mine and taking a time out from time to time. Listening to the Dan Gibson's Solitudes video collection over at YouTube, just may be a vital key in calming your own mind, and taking a time out to relax. You can of course, buy his collection of music on CDs at places such as Amazon.com, but I just find clicking on the videos so much more satisfying, and of course the price is right, free!

Yes, I could have put this review under the music or movies section, but somehow I didn't think it quite fit in either of those categories, but rather, I listed it here, since I viewed it as a means and form of "alternative medicine", after all, alternative "medicine" can come in a multitude of forms.

For the general link to the Dan Gibson's Solitudes collection of videos over at YouTube:


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