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Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition

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By seraph on
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The absolute horror I went through playing this at a friend's house should never have to be experienced by anyone. Unfortunately for me, I had to play this with their daughter, who knew I liked the Dance Dance Revolution series.

While this is a true DDR game...it has the basics..it is by far the most gimmicky and poorly done one yet. Every song is obviously aimed at the young teen age group, and the background animations for the song are horribly timed and jerky. The game features a few classic songs from the DDR series, such as B4U, Paranoia, and My Only Summer Love. But with that, the similarity immediately ends. The rest are songs from the Disney wannabe bands, like Hannah Montana and the High School Musical movies.

While this game may be apropos for the younger crowd, I highly recommend not getting near the game if you're over the age of 12.