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Dance Dance Revolution Ion Metal Dance Pad Review

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By exzquzid on
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Today we're looking at a DDR Ion Pro Arcade Pad. Its heavy duty for you harcore DDR players, Made from stainless steel and is non-slip.

You can use this DDR Pad on a PS one, Ps2, Xbox, PC and PS3 if you get an Backwards compatible console and an Ps2 to ps3 adaptor.

The power source is from the console. It weighs 60lbs, the play area is 32" x 32" and it makes no noise when you play. Also no more cracked pads because it's Made from Stainless steal even the pads!

it's got a bar to lean against and is smooth edged.

I would recommend buying this DDR pad if you're A hardcore DDR player and want to be a PRO at it, it's just like the ones that you get at an arcade maybe even better. The only bad thing is that it costs quite alot. If you don't have cash to throw around, I would recommend buying one without a bar to lean on, this would be about $1000 Australian dollars, and one without a bar to lean on would be about $300. so it's up to you if you're looking for a brilliant one or an EPIC one, but they must be Ion!