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Dark Age Of Camelot An Oldie But A Goodie

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I have been playing this game since it's original release in 2002 when I actually worked in-game support for the company. While our difference in opinions may have caused our parting of ways on a professional level I still enjoy playing the game.

While the user base doesn't compete with World of Warcraft or now Warhammer it still has a decent amount of people playing that you can usually find someone to talk or play with. Graphics are still very nice on this game it doesn't have the cartoony feel of World of Warcraft, and it doesn't have the complete realism of say Age of Conan. It will run on a Middling system where some of these newer games almost require you to go out and buy the latest hardware.

The game it's self pits three "realms" against each other on the normal server types. You have the Albions which are based on the Athur and the Knights of the round table Myths. You have the Hibernians which seem to be based on Ireland Myths and stories. And you have the Midgardians who are based on Norse Mythos.

Some of the real selling points of the game is the PvP (Player versus Player) Which is still one of the best pvp systems out there. Along with the pvp you have keep taking where you actually have to siege keeps and take them over while real people are defending them. The Crafting is really useful in the Game as you can custom tailor your outfits to best way of capping your stats.

The Downside is that unless you are really interested in PvP there ends up not being a lot of end content to play and you can actually start getting bored with it.

I would reccomend people atleast try this if this is your type of gaming they have a 14 day free trial at www.darkageofcamelot.com .