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Darkest Of Days Pc Game Review

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By brswattt on
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Darkest of Days is the newest FPS game on the market, and it is available for PC, and Xbox360.

Darkest of days was developed by 8monkey labs, and published by PhantomEFX.

Darkest of days starts up as your starting from the Battle of Little Bighorn with General Custard.

It shows someone getting shot with an arrow, and fades into you and two of your men, saying 'MORRIS!, MORRIS!'.

You then have to go up and meet all of your fellow other men, and the indians are everywhere!

You get a revolver and start killing as many as you can.

You get shot in the leg with an arrow, and then your picked up by Kronotek; a future time travel company, coming to get you because your the perfect canidate for time travel.

Now while in the Campaign you get to travel to lots of historic battles, like Civil War, World War One, World War Two, and Rome!

You also get to use futuristic weapons along the way to help out on your travels.

There are characters with Blue Auras that you have to protect, or else an enemy time travel company from the future comes and it's a pain to get them away.

The graphics are not the best on Darkest of Days, but it does the job well, some scenes look very great.

Overall, I give darkest of days a 8/10.

Not worth buying, but really worth renting.