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Dawn Saves Wildlife Too

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This bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid is the Ultra Concentrated brand and is 14 fluid ounces.

The label states, "1 Bottle = $1.00 to save wildlife." But you need to visit their website at www.dawnsaveswildlife.com to activate the code from the bottle and for this $1 to be donated.

I went to the website and entered the code and it showed a thank you message for my generous contribution when I was done and that it will help The Marine Mammal Center and The International Bird Rescue Research Center. The great thing about Dawn dishwashing liquid and its grease cutting formula is that it is safe to be used on animals. And whenever there have been major oil spills from those huge tankers in the ocean, Dawn is the cleaning agent of choice that animal rescue centers use to gently cleanse away the oil that would eventually kill these animals. The goal is to raise $500, 000 and to date the donations are at $361, 812. That's awesome!

I love how it's environmentally safe and the bottle with this cute white seal is a reminder of the many animals they have saved over the years. I have seen videos and tv programs that show how gently they clean the ducks and birds. It's so cute to watch the animals just stay still while being cleaned and you know they are grateful.

The other great thing about Dawn is that it not only cleans my household dishes and pans that I have cooked meats or oily cheeses, but I also use it to get grease out of my clothing. When I worked at my brother-in-law's Pizzeria years ago, we use to get oil on our clothes from the melted cheese off the pizzas and then we'd have these oils stains on our shirts and pants. I always used Dawn on my clothes until the other employees started asking about my secret. They thought I had a stash of shirts at home. I was more than happy to tell them about using Dawn. What I do is rub some of the concentrated liquid into the oil and then wash it like normal. The quicker you treat the oil stain, the better it will come out. I have not tried the regular Dawn, which is a little cheaper because I like the concentrated version, as it allows you to use less.

So if you want to help save wildlife and keep your dishes and clothes squeaky clean, try Dawn Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid and know you are helping to protect our wildlife at the same time.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers that donate their efforts and time to treat these mammals and birds so they can continue to live.

Update On May 02, 2010: Now, more than ever do we need to purchase Dawn dishwashing detergent. Those dollars will add up and teams are using Dawn to start cleaning the wildlife being affected in the Gulf Coast of the United States. When that oil slick hits, so much of our environment and fishing industry will see a drastic change for the worse. Dawn is what they use to clean the animals they are able to help save. So please purchase a bottle today.

Update On May 22, 2010: Just a reminder if you are in need of dishwashing detergent. Dawn does give back to help the oil spill in the Gulf Coast! And I love the grease-cutting ingredients.