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Day Or Night Write Your Heart

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RCM stands for Real-time Concept Marketing. This is a business organization by the people, for the people and they dealt with almost all the commodities that one need in their day-to-day life. I came across this organization a year back when one of my client brought me a pack of 10 Ballpoint pens made by them. When I asked for the prize I have to pay for the pack, he simply replied twenty. I was confused, what he was trying to say and when finally I got to know that the prize for the pack of 10 ballpoint pens is only 20 INR, I was really surprised. I couldn't believe my ears. Is it true? How they can manage to produce pens in such cheaper rate. 20 INR will approximately come around half a dollar. Anyway, I wanted to try those use and through pens though I was not sure how they will perform.

The set of pens comes in a simple poly pack which can be opened at the top by pulling up the folded end of the poly pack. The pens inside are of varied color but all have blue ink inside them. The multicolored pens make the pack look attractive and one will love to keep a pack with them to draw the attention of children. The pens are made of hard plastics and the refill is embedded into it and once the ink is finished, we have to through away the pen. The pen is smaller than that of a lead pencil and round and about 5 inches long. The pen has a cap too.

My Experience:

When I hold the pen to my fingers for trying it, I don't get a fine grip. But after using it for a number of times, I could comfortably handle the pen. The pen runs smoothly over the pages without stopping at the middle. But the problem arises when winter approaches. The pen does not start up that easily and we have to rub the roller nib over hard surface to warm it up or make the ink flow. While using the pen for long hours, I feel some sort of pain in the fore digit of my middle finger and the index finger. The quality of the writing's is good but what I was more concerned was on the comfort of holding the pen which was not there in the pen I am discussing.

What they say?

The manufacturers speaks about the pen for attractive sleek design, longer self life, non smudging, super fine write, high class body, good grip, wide range of colors and more mileage.

Of all the above, I could not agree with their self publicity for good grip and high class body. The other qualities may be accepted to some extent.

The Slogan they used for publicity: (I am translating it to English.)

"Day or Night - Write what is in your Heart". I had used my review title with a modification of their slogan for publicity.


Cheap, varied color in a single pack, super fine write, longer self life.


Grip is not comfortable; body is not up to satisfaction.


If you have the habit of dropping your pen wherever you write something, you can carry this brand as they are too cheap to be worried about a loss or misplace. But, if you have to write a lot, better not to opt for this brand.