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Days Inn Albany Airport

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This year for Christmas, instead of my husband and myself buying gifts for eachother - we decided to treat eachother to a night TOGETHER! Having a hectic and busy job (him) and myself being a stay-at-home-mama to our 22 month old, we thought it would be nice to get away for a night and spend some quality time together. As it was Christmas time, our funds were on the low side (we went the night of December 19, 07) so we were looking for a hotel on the cheaper side. We found this Days Inn (Albany NY) for a STEAL of just $58 for a king room. Having read somewhat bad reviews of this website on a travel site, I was a bit "iffy" on the whole thing - however, I booked soon after knowing that my husband and myself are not the "picky" type who looks for fancy things- we knew it would be a VERY basic hotel for $58 and our expectations were not high because of that- I'm not one to complain, and prefer to look at the positives.

Check in time was 3pm - we arrived almost on the dot, and our room was ready for us. The receptionist was VERY kind, and check-in was smooth and quick. As we started to walk away from the desk, we were asked if we minded to use the stairs, rather than the elevator - we said no, and proceeded 3 flights up. I might mention, that we weren't "allowed" to use the elevators at all during our stay. And when reading other reviews, it appears this is the case and has been for over a year. I'm not sure if they're old and broken and have been for AGES, or if they just prefer people to use the stairs (why- I don't know!). But if you're traving with someone who is handicapped (i.e. wheelchair) or eldery, I would surely inquire about this before you book. To me, it wasn't a bother.

Opon walking into our room, we noticed a very "dank" smell.. very "old" smelling, as if the room had been closed up for 5 years and was never aired out. Unfortunately, the windows in our room were not "open-able", so we never could get rid of the smell. We turned on the heat a bit because it was cold, and that made the smell even stronger.

It was your basic room for $58. It had a nice king sized bed, a tv/stand, a desk (with chair) and a comfortable bigger chair to the side. No "extras" included.. no fridge or microwave. It did, however, come with a simple coffee maker (and some fixings - coffee, creamers, sugar, etc). It also came with a (nice strong) hair-dryer.

Unfortunately, the king bed I was so excited over (we have a full at home) was a bit (a lot) disappointing when I went to bed that night and noticed there was a black "stain" on one of the blankets.. along with another spot of a brown "crust" of sorts, in which I have NO idea what it was. Thankfully, our bed came with TWO blankets (and sheets) so I just plucked that one off. But, it was a bit disturbing to me! Alas, it WAS a comfy bed.

Turned off by the dank smell and stains, I woke up the next morning not TOO hopeful over a good shower. Fortunately, we FINALLY found a plus to this hotel - the shower is a GREAT shower. The shower head/pressure were just absolutely amazing, it was one of the best showers I've ever had!

This hotel does provide a continental breakfast with basics- alas, as my daughter of 22 months old wakes up at 7am-7:30am ish .. we were very excited to sleep in, and missed the breakfast! There is, however, an IHop RIGHT next door. There IS a pool (outdoors)... but, of course, it wasn't tried by us in December!

The location of this hotel IS good.. located on Wolf Road, which houses a VERY large number of restuarants (both chains and not) and a mall. Unfortunately, that also makes it different to get in/out of the parking lot of the hotel because it's very busy (no light located there)... but it was definitely a prime location for the things we did.

Would I stay here again?

Absolutely not.

While reception was very kind, the location was great, the hotel price couldn't be beat, and the shower was wonderful... It doesn't beat out the awful smell we had to deal with the ENTIRE time we were in our rooms, and the really disgusting crust on the bed.

As previously stated, my expectations were not very HIGH for such a cheap hotel - I was not expecting fancy. I do, however, expect CLEAN.. regardless of the price. And because of this, I will not stay here again.