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Days Inn Lytle, Texas

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My family recently had to take an emergency trip to Texas. When we arrived we needed to find a place to stay that was close to where the whole family was meeting. In the little town of Lytle, there's not too many places to stay. We ended up at this little Days Inn hotel.

At first, I thought "Oh good, a Days Inn...they are an overall good place to stay." Well, that wasn't the case at all!

I did not go into the lobby because they had an outside window you could check in and out from. From the outside, the place looked nice enough. It had a little landscaped area with a covered unloading area. It is a two story hotel, but there were only stairs, no elevator. All rooms and stairs were outside accessible. This hotel did have a small outside pool too.

Once inside, the first thing I noticed was that it was so hot! Each room does have an air conditioning unit, but they do not keep them on to regulate the temperature. If there's no one renting the room, the air stays off. We didn't get to the hotel until about 1am, so when we got there we wanted to just go to sleep. It made it hard to sleep because it was so hot! The room did cool off well after a few hours though.

Our clock was all messed up too! It seemed to work, but the numbers were all messed up and unreadable. Since we didn't know what time it was, we couldn't set the alarm. We had to use our cell phone as an alarm. We did get a wake-up call right on time too though.

I'd have to say the biggest complaint I have was the bathroom. It was horrible! The walls had small cracks and nicks all over and were dirty looking. The fan was SO LOUD and dirty too! Here's the worst thing...the shower head was at the height of my neck!I'm 5'7" and I had to duck under the shower to wash my hair! My husband turned the shower head to get a different spray pattern and the whole thing fell off! When he got it put back on, the dial wouldn't turn and it was stuck on one center flow of water! Oh, and the drain...clogged full of hair and no stopper!

All I can say is that we needed a quick place to sleep for a couple days and this place accomplished that. Not great, but it is a place where you can rest your head.