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'Dc' Reversible Jumper

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By hanna on
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This is by far my favorite, and over-worn item of clothing. I cannot commend this item of clothing enough. Whoever thought of this design is a genius. In essence, it is a zip-up jumper. However, the quality is amazing. It is 100% cotton; and extremely warm. Ideal for both winter, and summer because of it's fitted style. Not only this; but it is reversible. Both designs are beautiful; and depending on the mood you're in; you can wear either or. In essence, it’s two for the price of one. It is my one prize investment. If you are going to invest in any item of clothing, make it this. It is both practical, and stylish.


Style wise, 'DC' never fails. 'DC', unlike any other brand I know; can make an item of clothing look casual and stylish. This hooded jumper is no exeption. It has a circular, low neckline; making it both femenine, and casual. A look I love. It is also 'fitted'; meaning it fits around the body; without making it look provoctive. It is reversible; and has a reversible zip.The design on one side is black, with different colored tiny 'DC' logos and squares; all very wolly and warm. The design on the flip side, has black and white stripes; the white stripes even have that wolly texture; which makes it quite unique. Given 'DC' is a notoriously 'cool' brand, that wolly texture gives it a homey feel.5/5


Again, quality wise, 'DC' always delivers. This is very high quality cotton. It can keep you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It may be interesting to note that 'DC' is a skateboarding brand; which means heat regulation is an important factor. It is 100% cotton. 5/5


If I could give a 6 out of 5 I would.Considering every aspect delivers with this jumper; one would think the aesthetics might be lacking. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Color wise it is the most beutiful item in my wardrobe. It can make you stand out; without fully realising why you are standing out. On one side it has 'Black and White' stripes; making it either 'emo' for teenagers or smart interesting for adults. On the flip side, there is a more mature motif of black; dotted with tiny, colorful 'DC' emblems. I, personally, love this style as I am not a conformist, yet, I want to dress my age (which is 21). 5/5


The fabric is 100% cotton. It doesn't specify which cotton; however it must be the equivilant to Egyption cotton; because it breaths easily in the summer; and retains heat wonderfully in the winter. 5/5


The fit is feminine and modest. It comes in three fits: Small, Medium and Large.The 'Medium' is the perfect fit for me; however, they were out of stock at the time of purchase; therefore; I had to buy the 'Small'. With a swooping neckline it is perfect. It is not a grundgey teenage fit; nor is it provocotive. A unique fit in many ways.5/5