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Dead Like Me: Season 1

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Dead Like Me was a short-lived Showtime original series that began in 2003. Although this show only survived for 2 seasons, it had a strong following among a subsection of the audience and a movie is being made to bring the characters back together. This show starred Ellen Muth as George, a girl who was killed by a falling toilet one day and made into a grim reaper. Each day she gets her orders from Rube, played by Mandy Patinkin, on where and what time to reap a soul. The fun comes in her, and the other reapers with whom she interacts, not knowing whose soul they will be reaping. Also, George is still coming to terms with her death and, since she is still on Earth, able to see the people she knew in her former life and how they are living without her. She is able to visit and interact with her family, but they don't know it's her as she appears different to them. The dialogue and acting in this show are stellar and it's a great show for anyone who enjoys dark comedy.