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Dead Rising For Xbox 360

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By rathborne on
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Dead Rising is one of the most entertaining games on the Xbox 360, and at times, one of the most frustrating. The game presents a linear mission structure, with time-sensitive objectives, then throws you into a mostly freeform gameplay experience, where you wander around a mall killing zombies in a multitude of creative ways. This is the biggest complaint I have; much of the content requires advancing in difficult missions early on, while most of the games polish is independent of the missions and story. I could do without the escaped convicts, chainsaw wielding clowns, and other crazies guarding points of interest when all I want is to raid a gun shop and mow down hordes.

Graphics are good, but meant for HD displays, which makes for extremely hard-to-read text at many points in the game. The bulk of the game, though, is visually appealing.

Overall, as long as you can forgive some gameplay hurdles delaying your access to some of the game's best attractions, Dead Rising is a fun zombie massacre, and given time, you can get most of the content and be looking at one of the most entertaining experiences the 360 has to offer.