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Dead Rising: Racy High Action Zombie Murderfest

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By relicto on
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For the better part of a month, Dead Rising kept me busy hacking, blasting, and shouting at undead, which is the heart of the game. The premise - you are a reporter looking for a scoop in a zombie-infested mall - only matters because it means that you'll be taking lots of pictures, and that you'll never run of enemies to try your weapons on. By taking pictures and fighting, you gain experience and unlock new skills, like flying kicks, judo grips, and disembowelment, which all help you survive through the 72 hours (in-game, not real time) your character has to solve the mystery behind the outbreak. It doesn't matter if you do this, or if you just set aside the story and put to use the hundreds of awesome weapons you can find - things like lawnmowers, an M60 rifle, and a katana. Regardless, the sheer number of moves and weapons keeps the constant fighting from getting repetitive and boring. The main problems with the game are in the interface and the controls. I was very frustrated that when you switch weapons, you cut off the messages from the guy who helps you. Also, please have an HDTV ready, because the game's text is unreadable in standard definition and by now it doesn't seem likely that they'll release a patch. If you can get past these annoyances and you're looking for a chance to just shoot and punch things, this is the game for you.