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Dead Sea Spa Almond Massage Lotion

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By ncmom on
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While shopping in the mall last Christmas, I was stopped by one of those pushy Kiosk Salespeople who grabs your attention in such an assertive way that unless you just ignore them and walk away, you are trapped and know that you are about to be pitched something that you probably don't want or need.

She grabbed my hand, dripped on some oil and started buffing my fingernail with a 4 sided rectangle with different grades of sandpaper on each side. Then she plopped some pink lotion on my hand and massaged away, all the while explaining why my nails would be so much healthier and shinier and stronger, if only I laid out $60.00 for her nail treatment set. I tried to politely decline by muttering something about Christmas and money. She looked at my 11 year old son and said that since he was with me I could get the "student's discount" and it would only be $45.00. I mumbled something as I was shaking my head and trying to pull my hand away in order to escape but then she came down to $30.00 but only that day and only for me. Enjoying the feeling of being "special" enough to be offered such a "special deal" I must say that I was tempted but better sense took control and I jerked my hand away and make my escape and laughed at the whole experience.

That evening I decided to do some research into the product and what the actual price of it was. I found the company's website and at that time the advertised price if ordered online was, you guessed it. $29.99. Searching further I found the same thing on ebay for $20.00 and bought it.

I do enjoy using the set, my nails are much shinier but they are definately not stronger and I seriously doubt that they are any healthier. I have used the lotion for dry skin on my legs, arms and hands and it does a relatively good job. I do not think the set is worth the $20.00 I paid for it let alone the official price of $30.00 and most certainly not worth the pushy mall pitch-woman's origional price of $60.00.