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Dead Space

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Dead Space easily ranks as one of the greatest horror game's of all time. You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to repair the damaged communications array on a ship, floating ominously in space. From the opening title sequence, to the epic finale, Dead Space presents a terrifying survival that even the most hardcore gamers will appreciate. Using weapons, which are mostly mining tools, Isaac must fight his way through hordes of grotesque and disturbing aliens, leaving a trail of bloodied body parts behind him. Isaac's abilities, such as telekinesis, may be used to solve thought-provoking puzzles throughout the game, and the "Zero-G" aspect of the game allows Isaac to float seamlessly through the air at certain parts of the game.

But what make's Dead Space so different from most horror games is its use of cinematic like lighting and sound. Dark shadows and flickering overhead lights are used to cloak the many twisted creatures waiting to attack you. The sound effects, as well as music, are absolutely phenomenal, and create a hostile atmosphere that keeps you alert at any given moment. The music swells as a creature comes from behind to attack you, and an eerie dead silence takes over as you step out into space. These two elements of lighting and sound help create an unpredictable atmosphere that most horror games have trouble achieving. The graphics are top of the line, and every cutscene is interactive, allowing you to feel like you are part of the game from beginning to end. The characters are very well developed, and play key roles in making the plot twist and turn.

However, Dead Space makes good use of it's Mature rating, and players should be aware that the game's suspense is only matched by it's violence.