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Dead Space For Xbox 360 Review

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By firebrand37 on
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I was excited for this release, but ended up being relatively disappointed. I am of the opinion that no game in this day and age should ship without some kind of multiplayer option or online component, especially ones that cost sixty dollars. This game was in the same vein as Bioshock, it features a semi-immersive experience (Bioshock did it much better however), with some horror aspects and really not much replay value because after a single playthrough the story is told. Linear games are another thing that should be a thing of the past, and Dead Space is very much a linear experience.

Another issue I found with this title was the difficulty. This game is difficult! Playing on the easy setting is highly recommended for this game as you really need to figure out how the game is played before attempting the tough stuff. Ammunition is scarce and if you waste money upgrading a weapon with expensive ammo you are just wasting cash. (which is also in short supply) They try to include an RPG aspect to this one by giving you the option of upgrading armor and weapons but too little is said about what the upgrades do and how the upgrade system works so you find yourself trying to puzzle out how best to spend your resources. I had to start the game over again and wasted a good 8 hours of my life because I upgraded the wrong peice of gear and was stopped dead in my tracks by a lack of stopping power against difficult monsters.

Another unfortunate aspect of this game was the uninspired story line and horror elements. The scares always consisted of, "moster pops out when someone is trying to put you at ease" type moments and they got very old after for 37th time. The story was just a mash-up of any other power armored space marine game and resident evil. I also thought it was a poor choice not to give the main character a face. We dont related to faceless characters, just like we didnt care when the new recruit in Gears of War 2 died. He was a faceless automaton for all we knew.

Speaking of automatons, that is how your main character moves...like a robot. Action games need to feel more fluid than this. Game developers need to realize that making your characters in a horror game hard to control doesnt make the game scarier because you cant get away...it just makes them frustrating.

On the plus side the graphics and audio of the game were pretty fantastic, but you have to expect that for a single player only game.

Closing comments: Rent this one or buy it used and then only if you are a huge horror gaming fan. Paying 60 bucks for this title is a crime.