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Dear, I Need Smellies

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My husband and I have been a couple for years - well before dinosaurs roamed if you listen to our children, and definitely well before there was anything called "Color television". According to our children when my husband was growing up the world was literally "black and white".

So, I've been at the shopping end of the "the smellies" as my husband calls his cologne fetish - for many years now and I've come to be considered as somewhat of a connoisseur of fine scents - at least where my husband is concerned. I don't set out to specifically buy a scent that will have women falling all over him but I do have to admit that there have been a few colognes in his time when the women in the office have come up with a few excuses to visit his office just so they could partake of his "scent".

The latest shopping expedition I went on when the cry of "hon I need smellies" erupted brought me to an unlikely place for colognes. I've never purchased cologne for my hubby at Zeller's before but this day I was browsing through the aisle's waiting for my daughter to finish work and I decided to take a look at their offerings.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a large litany of good quality products from Brand name manufacturers. I am a scent fiend and anyone who wears scents around me has to have a fresh, enticing scent - sorry but no Spice or Brut in the lineup please.

After smelling at least a dozen bottles by Armani, Sung, even Beckam I was resigned to the fact that there was nothing that fell into my husband's stipulated price range. As I made my way to the front of the store a little display rack caught my eye and on it was a group of bottles from little known manufacturers. Frankly, I'd heard of none of these! For some reason though I decided that I'd check them out and see if by chance one might fit the bill.

I picked up several and quickly replaced them and was about to walk away when a black with gold bottle caught my eye. Nothing fancy about it, rather plain actually - with the word unJustified written on the face of the bottle in unadorned and understated lettering.

I picked it up, popped off the cap and sniffed. The scent was a hint of fresh, a mix of 'soapy' and some spices rolled in to make it a very unusual but for some strange reason, appealing smell. It was a little stronger than I'd like but I hoped that it being only $24.99 that the strength would dissipate once applied.

I purchased the cologne, which is a spray, and took it home to my husband to try. Well, my husband is one of these guys that doesn't really care what he smells like as far as cologne goes - if I picked it out for him then it's perfect - because if I like it - he likes it. Awww, sweet.

He's worn this cologne now for a few weeks and so far there haven't been any complaints. As I suspected though, once on this cologne takes on a much milder tone and the scent is just a very fresh, just showered scent that is actually quite nice but not at all over powering as I'd feared it might be.

I don't think I will purchase it again however, but that isn't unusual for me - my husband has had a wide variety of "smellies" in his time and if he has a favorite, he's never told me. He's content to continue to let me buy his cologne and he knows that with me as the shopper he'll never have the same thing more than once.

I did find a very intriguing Alfred Sung which I was going to get but my husband has a stipulation when he gives me free reign to shop and that is to not bother purchasing "smellies" that cost more than $65 - he sees that as a waste and believes he doesn't have to wear designer cologne to smell great. At just $24.99 I think this was a pretty good buy but it's nothing special really and I think next time I'll pick up the Alfred Sung and "pretend" it wasn't $65 ;) - will my husband notice? I don't think so.