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Debbie Meyer Green Bags Offer Mixed Results

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By Kenneth Cox on
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We are bombarded with suggestions to eat more fruits and vegetables. Just go to the store and pick out your favorite greens and fruits, no problem. Bring them home and store them and here comes the problem.

You can either heap several sides of vegies on your unsuspecting family with their meals for the next few days so you use up the vegetables and fruits before they spoil and while they are still fresh, because according to those handy food pymriad diagrams we are forced to learn at some point in our education process, we know that fresh fruits and vegetables are better for you, plus I'm sure there is some scientific data somewhere that sort of backs that up.

This all brings us to Debbie Meyer Green Bags, that promise to "keep fruits and veggies fresh longer." They claim to"absorb ethylene gas and control humidity for longer life." Apparantly that means even more unnaturally longer than the chemically treated apples I bought one time and was amazed to see still holding up a month later, but that's another subject for another time.

I used them at my house and gave some to a few friennds, in order to get a fair assessment of just how good they work or if they do at all.

Now for the results (evevelope please, I don't actually have one, but it feels like a moment where one would be called for): It works fine for most fruits (strawberries and bannanas faired the best) and most vegetables (broccoli and cucumbers worked best by my estimation.)

However, there was no noticable difference with grapes, lettuce or celery. So, the final word: Debbie Meyer Green Bags do work, but not for all fruits and vegetables. The claim that they can be rinsed and reused up to 10 times also falls a little flat, I found the ones I used to be smelling of their previous veggies and fruits or simply falling apart by the time I got close to 10 uses.

Overall Debbie Meyer Green Bags may add some extra life to some fruits and veggies, but it is your call as to if it is worth the $9.99. It's worth at least one try to see if it works for you and your family.