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Debbie Meyer Green Bags

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My mom picked up a box of Debbie Meyer GreenBags at Walmart and gave me a couple of bags to try for myself. I am happy to say that they really do work as well as they show on TV, if not better. They work by absorbing and removing the ethylene gas that is naturally given off by fruits and vegetables as they ripen. I kept strawberries in one of the bags in my refrigerator for over three weeks before they got bad. I am usually lucky to get a week out of them just storing them in the refrigerator. I am always throwing away bananas because they always go bad before we get to use them, but not anymore. We have been able to keep the bananas fresh for at least 10 days before they get too ripe.

These bags will literally pay for themselves in a week, by preventing fruits and vegetables from rotting before we can use them. The box contains 10 large (17"x12") and 10 medium (15"x9") size bags for around $10 and they are made in the USA!

When you place the fruits or vegetables in the bag you have to make sure they are dry. It is best to wash the produce when you're ready to use it, so they will be dryer when placing them in the bag. After placing the produce in the bag you just have to fold over the top. I keep mine closed with a plastic spring clip that is used for chips. You don't want to use twist ties because they could put a hole in the bag. The bags can be rinsed out and re-used up to 10 times.

I hate to think how much money I have thrown away over the years because of rotting produce. I will never be without these bags again. They are a fantastic product for every household. I would highly recommend your pick up a box of these GreenBags the next time your buying produce. You won't be disappointed!

Update On Aug 15, 2008: I just want to add that if you have trouble with moisture accumulating in the bag, I put a couple of paper towels in the bag to help absorb the moisture and replaced them when they felt damp.