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Decent Looking, Powerful Performance

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Cameron Eittreim By Cameron Eittreim on
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I purchased the Dell latitude C600 direct in 2001 and I've been impressed with this little work horse since. The Dell Latitude C600 is a 750 MHZ little laptop, the screen is roughly 14" inches and it's an active matrix LCD, while I love the clarity of this screen I wish it was a bit larger. Ordering this dell was pretty easy, I called dell after I came across this in a 2001 edition of dells catalog, the sticker price was $1100, 00 with a Pentium 3 and 256MB of ram, I also liked the swappable CD/Floppy drive. Now this laptop only comes with a 6GB hard drive with is useless if you are doing a lot of writing, and the hard drive is only upgradeable to 40GBs of space. As far as the performance goes I really was impressed especially to this day, I still run office 2003 without trouble. I also run Adobe Photoshop Light room CS3 and Premier, both programs run flawlessly and I still use this laptop for my major photo editing. Using multimedia is pretty decent with this computer, the external speakers are mediocre at best but when I use external speakers or ear buds, the sound is awesome. I love watching movies on this computer using my USB flash drive because they look awesome on screen, especially in wide screen format.

One of my major gripes with this computer is the lack of ports; to begin with you only have one USB port, one PS/2 and parallel printer port. One of the downfalls with this computer is the lack of integrated Ethernet or a model, the ports are there but they just don't exist. Fortunately I use a USB Ethernet connector so I don't need to bother with internal connections; I also use a wireless card which the computer has two ports for. I would also advise that if you purchase one of these laptops, that you invest in a USB port hub so you can use multiple peripherals.

Upgrading the hard drive is a relatively simple task; you basically unscrew the caddy on the left side of the computer and swap the previous with a new one. I asked around and some people have successfully upgraded to 120GB hard drives but I haven't tried yet, upgrading the CD drive to a DVD drive is relatively easy. Just swap out the front of the current CD drive and pop your new DVD player in, I upgraded mine to a Samsung DL DVD burner and it works like a breeze. This is a great computer you can find cheap for upgrading, I currently run Windows XP pro and I watch DVDs, write and do most of my work on this little thing.

Did I mention that hooking this up to a 1080P monitor looks awesome?, well I play most of my PC games using this laptop and Quake 3 Arena looks great using this laptop. I also haven't had any problems with overheating, a lot of users around the net complain about this problem but I leave my Dell on all day and it never over heats or freezes up. If yours does freeze on you I would suggest purchasing a laptop cooling plate, these are great if you use your mobile computer a lot and it really gets hot. Remember that everyone's computer needs are different, I just spend time working and writing so I really push my computer to the limit, if you plan on just surfing the net or purchasing this for a Teenager I would just recommend buying a Mac book, which are perfect for everyday activities.

This computer is a serious work horse in my opinion and if you can't afford the latest technology this is the perfect laptop for most people, and I know it doesn't feature duel core processing but who really uses all that power anyway?, this is a great all around laptop if you are a writer and you need a light laptop for on the go work.