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Decorative In My Bathroom

Reviewing: Kleenex Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes  |  Rating:
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Baby wipes are so multipurpose. I use them for personal hygiene, but I also use them to clean my face on days that I don't wash with my prescription skin cleanser. I wash with the cleanser every other day or so, since it dries my skin if I use it too much. Washing my skin less sometimes makes me feel a little greasy, so swiping a wipe allover my mug makes me feel much more refreshed and clean. Then I flip it over and do my neck, because why not use the other side?

I like the design of the plastic container that the wipes come in. It has a floral motif with lavender and white. It has a button at the top that pops the flap right open so you can get to the wipes. The container keeps the moist wipes wet which is of the utmost importance to me. I hate when my wipe products dry out prematurely. Even the very last one in the box should remain wet.The wipes smell good with a fresh, baby powder scent. The surface of the wipes have a textured, grooved appearance, like a little mosaic. I think the pattern helps to clean the skin better. The wipes contain aloe and Vitamin E. They are alcohol-free. These are flushable which I prefer, but bear in mind: Only flush one or two wipes at a time to avoid a clogged toilet.

I just thought of a problem I encountered with the wipes when I first started using them. The issue seemed to resolve itself after a little while of use. At first, whenever I would try to pull a wipe out, the whole wipe wouldn't easily come out. It would always rip! For some odd reason, all of the sudden, the wipes started coming out easier and started coming out as one complete piece. I'm pretty sure the next time I put a refill in, I will experience the same difficulty in the beginning.