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Decorative Metal Red Lizard Indoors Or Patio Fun

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Since I have four brightly-colored, painted metal, frog-shaped hooks on a kitchen wall near the door, when I saw this larger lizard, and saw that it was fairly inexpensive, I decided that it was going home with me!

This is part of the Aloha series of patio decorations sold at Hobby Lobby. They had lizards, frogs, and I think some things with nautical themes. They were all in bright primary colors and made of thin metal. They are sold as patio decorations. I suspect they are meant for short-term use- I don’t think they are made well enough to stand up to the weather for longer than that. But I’m keeping mine indoors.

The truth is that they aren’t made to last or take any abuse, but for the way I am going to use it, that will be fine. It’s made of three sections of metal just welded together, and those two seams, one near the head, and one at the base of the tail, I’m sure are weaker than the rest of the lightweight metal. As you can see from the view of the back, the paint job is pretty bad, but it doesn’t matter from the front.

The legs are on springs, so you can pose them a bit. Depending on how it is mounted, you might be able to make it so that the legs could be jiggled or played with as you walk by. Of course this means that if it’s mounted where there are kids around it probably will be pulled apart pretty quickly, as the springs are also only spot welded to the legs and body. The tail is springy just because of the spiral shape of the metal cut-out there. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it actually stands out from the wall a bit.

There are two wire loops also welded to the back to use for mounting. It was easier than I thought it might be to locate where to place a couple of picture frame holders on the wall to clip into the hooks.

It looks great in my kitchen above some plants, and with the frogs on the other wall. I chose the red one because it looked stylized but yet realistic. They had green ones with a zig-zag design on the back that looked too much like a toy, and a bright blue one. Blue is actually my favorite color, but the color and the wiggly lines just didn’t look at all lizard like, so I got this one.

Imagine my delight when I got to the checkout and found out that it was 50% off. So I only paid $5.50, and that corner of my kitchen almost has a theme!

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