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Decrease Acne And Make Skin Smoothe

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By lynnemg on
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I get pimples quite a lot. I am not proud of it, but it happens. I tried many products out there to help reduce my breakouts, and it seemed that most of them were too harsh for my skin and actually made it worse.

One day, I was at my Mom's and she has Saint Ives Apricot Facial Scrub in her bathroom. My face, at the time, was dirty from being outdoors, so I used it. My reaction was, "Wow!" My fave felt so smoothe because of the exfoliants in the scrub. I couldn't believe how smoothe my face felt, and as an added plus, my face looked better as far as the color went.

I asked Mom if that it what she always used for her face and she told me that it was. I put two and two together in my head then. Mom's face was always smoothe and she didn't appear to have trouble with acne. Her face always looked it's best. That was when I decided to buy it for myself.

The product comes in a tube and you use it as you would any soap on your face. Just be careful not to get it into your eyes; those exfoliant granules in it could really hurt your eyes.

I have been using it for several years now and the only time I have trouble with acne is when I run out and don't make it to the store to buy more within a few days. My pre-teen son also uses it to help ward of the acne he is beginning to get. We both love the product.

The cost is approximately $4.00 for a tube and it lasts me 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how much my son actually uses.

This product is great for those of us who have acne problems. For those who, like me, seem to have worse breakouts with other products, this one is perfect.