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Deep Wound Care

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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So a couple weeks ago (or more) I fell in a hole and twisted my right knee. However, I really hurt my left shin too (and possibly my right ankle). It was a deep hole and scratched a couple layers of skin off my left shin.

I washed it with an antibiotic soap and covered it with another pain/infection salve. When I ended up in the ER, the doctor and nurse made sure that I had washed it well. It looked okay for two days and then I started to have infection (pus and other stuff). By that time my knee was feeling a little better so it wasn't masking the pain from the left shin.

Yep, it was painful. I tried cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and bandaging it with a touch of an antibiotic salve. Normally this salve works great, but this time, I couldn't get the infection to clear. I was afraid that I would have to go back to the doctor (yea, it's expensive).

So I let it dry, and washed it with a wound wash saline, then sprayed it down with Bactine. Because it was a deep wound, I was hoping that this product would help. It was great. It cleared up the infection and the skin began to heal. The wound itches horribly, but I don't have the redness and heat that I had awhile ago. I know... I have had several classes on first aid... so I was very careful.

But, Bactine is a really good product. My husband used the product several years ago. We found that it helps him heal his cuts from working with antennas and antenna lines. He can come hope with bloody knuckles from work.

Anyway, Good Product.