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Defcon: Pc

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By bartrholomew on
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Defcon is the third, and most recent game by british indie devs Introversion Software. Defcon is a game about global nuclear war. It's a real time strategy, but it's absolutely different from the norm. You start out playing as one of 6 teams; US and Canada, South and Central America, Africa, Europe, Russia, and southeast asia. Your goal is to nuke the heck out of each other and backstab each other for points. The graphics are a simple 2d interface. The game was heavily inspired by the movie Wargames; If you've seen it and remember the scene when they're watching the world map to see where the nukes are, that's essentially the graphics. Single player for Defcon is stupid, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. After playing the tutorial, you should jump right into multiplayer (because no human player can perfectly synchronize the launching of all their silos to swarm your defenses just right so they hit all your major population centers). The multiplayer IS the game, and where it really shines. One time, I started with my friend (playing as Russia). I was Europe, and my enemy was Southeast Asia. My friend and I were on a team, and the other player destroyed his defenses. So what did I do? I left his team and bombed the heck out of him! Of course, we all laughed about it because it was just a game, but still. Because you're playing with people, the game can be unbelieveably tense. You'll be wondering if your opponent is sending subs around to kick your undefended coasts collective butt, or if that guy on the other side of the world is planning to nuke you into oblivion. It really is a fantastic game that's avalible in Brick & Mortar stores like Gamestop as well as Steam (steampowered.com). You can also download it from introverion's website (introversion.co.uk). There's a demo avalible, so if this review interested you in the least, go check it out!