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Defeating Terrorism One Round At A Time

Reviewing: Valve Counter Strike  |  Rating:
By jihoon on
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Counter Strike is a gaming phenomenon that shows no signs of letting off steam anytime soon. Many people enjoy it but I have a few complaints against it. Its a solid game of team based 'realistic' First Person Shooter but it is at best an 'arcadey realistic'. I believe the reason why people enjoy playing the game is that getting a kill and forcing your opponent to wait until the end of the round is extremely satisfying but its not so much fun being on the other end of the barrel. The only semi realistic action you'll find in Counter Strike is the recoil of the weapons. They will not shoot straight and making up for the recoil is a necessity to kill in this game. Also expect to lose a lot as the community is already solid and stable and have been playing for years and they will not hesitate to bring you down with a single bullet to the head. Also the last time I checked, there were an exceptional amount of hacks made for Counter Strike but hopefully the anti cheating system are catching these and they're dying out. I say its worth it to try out the gaming phenomenon for $9.95 and see what everyone is talking about. Hey who knows, you might even be a natural pro at it.