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Definitely Not A Horror Movie

Reviewing: Lions Gate Stephen King's Riding The Bullet  |  Rating:
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I purchased this DVD because it was on sale. I thought that Stephen King’s movies will not be disappointing but I was wrong. This movie is even harder to digest than most of horror movies I have ever watched.

It’s about a boy, Alan Parker, who wants to hitchhike to a hospital where his mother is taken care because she has a stroke. This boy is not just ordinary boy. He once committed suicide on his birthday for a simple reason, his girlfriend wanted to break up with him. He also suffers from what people may call, paranoid. He imagines things a lot and he even can hear and see his other reflection of him talking to him. On his way to the hospital for his mother, he has flashbacks, and sees odd things. He hitchhikes three drivers, but it is the last driver, George, that brings him to decide whether his life or his mother, that should be gone, or die.

All I can say is this: this movie is very boring. From the first moment I watched until the end, I still couldn’t understand what this is all about. Why should they make a movie that’s called horror but has no horror at all? Besides, the actors seem reluctant to do their part. However, the main actor, Jonathan Jackson, is good, and he’s the one best thing in this movie. I am very upset that I have purchased this movie. Well, maybe next time I should consider quality films rather than cheap films but nonsense.