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Delicious Post Workout Nutrition

Reviewing: Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bars (Multipack Box)  |  Rating:
Renee Witgenstein By Renee Witgenstein on
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I purchased a box (either 6 or 8 bars to a box, I don't remember--I left the box at my workout buddy's apartment) of these as a post-workout protein supplement for me and my workout partner. I'm far from disappointed. I don't remember the exact nutrition specs, but it has 12 grams of protein per bar and just shy of 200 calories per bar, as well as a good long list of other nutrients such as vitamins C, E, B6 and B12, and various minerals. For someone with otherwise unhealthy eating habits, such as myself, the nutritional value alone is excellent, and even better because it's not another pill to take--I loathe swallowing pills.

And the taste--well, it's no snickers bar--but it's not supposed to taste like one, it's a nutrition bar! I didn't really detect any foul tastes or aftertastes, and it wasn't nearly as bland as I thought it would be. It tasted quite pleasant, actually. There are soy protein crisps (chocolate and plain) as a filling, and a chocolate coating. And it really does taste like a treat, contrary to my original suspicions. Just the opportunity to eat one of these is inspiration enough to make me want to go to the gym more often. And it's hard to beat the value--it's not the cheapest box you can find, but the ease of consumption due to the actual presence of flavor, as opposed to those other cardboard excuses for supplement bars, makes the extra dollar a box worth it for sure.

Overall, I highly and enthusiastically recommend this product to anyone looking for a nutrition supplement, meal replacement, or post-workout source of protein and nutrients.